Online Social Justice Bible Study

bibleBy some counts, there are over 2000 verses in the Christian Bible that discuss how we are to deal with the poor and the oppressed. There are so many that some have claimed that it is the largest single theme in the scriptures.

I relayed this to some friends the other day, and they doubted both pieces of information. So, I thought I would investigate.

While I do not intend to tackle all 2000 verses (was that a sigh of relief I heard out there?), I am planning to take many of the major, plain teachings of scripture on the issues that today we would call Social Justice and blog about them, one passage at a time.

The Social Justice Bible Study will go up twice a week, on Tuesdays and on Thursdays, so we can study and digest them together.  This way we (myself included) can consider them together and discuss it, calmly, in the comment box following each post.

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Photo Credit: Josh Self

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3 Responses to Online Social Justice Bible Study

  1. Josh Self says:

    Thanks for spreading the love of God and also thanks for the photo credit. ;-) I hope it helps you guys out.

  2. Thanks for your emphasis on justice.

  3. Jen P says:

    I just found this site from searching “bible studies on justice” through google. I don’t see a “next” or “previous” option to find the rest of the study–how do I do that?! I’m so curious!
    Though I’m in Montana, I love what I’ve read about the ministry there in Raleigh and am in complete support of it’s mission.
    May you walk in the joy of the Lord :)

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