A Series Of Thoughts On Interdependence

Individualism is a core principle in the American zeitgeist. “Why can’t you pull yourself up by your own bootstraps,” they say. We are all individuals, but we do not succeed without relationships that bind us to others– others that might lend us their boot straps or help us become strong enough to pull ourselves up.

Doug Hammock at A Quantum Christian makes some great points. He also posted the above video that, through several sets of data, illustrates the relationship between different cultures, their wealth distribution, and various social aspects.

Wendell Berry is a fan favorite around here. This poem articulates perfectly why we do what we do at Love Wins, and frankly, why Love Wins is a reaction to society. Ultimately the most long-lasting achievement any human can have is to help another human. All we have is each other.

Lastly, a couple of years ago Hugh wrote about a car accident he was in and how it reminded him that we all depend on one another, for better or for worse. His story succinctly illustrates Berry’s poem, Hammock’s post, and the video.

“It was then that it occurred to me for the first time how interconnected we all are. How much of our lives depend on our agreeing to do certain things a certain way. I can drive down the street because we have agreed that you will stop at a stop sign. I can walk on the sidewalk because you have agreed to drive on the pavement. I need not fence my front yard, because you have agreed to stay off of it.”

So here we are in a Frankenhouse in downtown Raleigh, doing everything we can to be that person or those people that some humans in the world need to rely on. At some point in their life, they lost their boot straps. And they need a friend to pull them up.

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Sara Acosta

Sara Acosta

Assistant Director at Love Wins Ministries
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Sara Acosta

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