The Politics And Demographics Of Food Stamp Recipients

Downtown Burlingame Safeway Grocery Store

A picture is worth a thousand words. Or in the case, an infographic is.

A Pew Research Center survey dug up some interesting information about America’s SNAP (food stamp) beneficiaries. The political affiliations and race of beneficiaries differ greatly, but the self-described ideologies are level on the chart.

“But when the political lens shifts from partisanship to ideology, the participation gap vanishes. Self-described political conservatives were no more likely than liberals or moderates to have received food stamps (17% for each group), according to the survey.”

You will draw conclusions as they suit your beliefs. Regardless of how you may feel about food stamps and their beneficiaries, this study reminds us that your neighbors enrolled in SNAP aren’t so different from you.

So what are you afraid of? That’s also a good question for Congress.

“The farm bill passed by the House on Thursday, after a day of intense and sometimes hostile debate, was stripped of about $740 billion in funding for food stamps, setting up a confrontation with the Senate which has approved a very different version of the legislation.”

Keep in mind that food stamp recipients are not the only poor folks in our country. Many families and individuals live on the precipice of poverty or would qualify for SNAP but fear of the stigma of poverty and asking for help.

But in the end, it shouldn’t take a survey and a fancy chart to convince people that everyone else has the same right to health that you do.

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Sara Acosta

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