Hugh’s Friday Column

You might know this guy named Hugh. He started Love Wins and used to be the blog’s primary writer. Then I came along, and as much as Hugh loves to write, you don’t see him a lot on the blog anymore. Womp, womp.

Well, that’s about to change. Each Friday, starting two days from now, Hugh will write a column related to our work. That’s “our work” as in what we do at Love Wins, and also “our work” as humans who share a planet.

Keep an eye out (or sign up for RSS) for Hugh’s post on Friday. You can come here, head to Facebook, or look for a Tweet.

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Sara Acosta

Sara Acosta

Assistant Director at Love Wins Ministries
Sara is a fan of snark, sushi, and sunblock. Her purpose in the world is building community through communications.
Sara Acosta

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One Response to Hugh’s Friday Column

  1. David says:

    Looking forward to it. Will Hugh also wear “tall velvet hat” when writing each column? It might help. Never know.

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