Committee Will Hear Task Force Recommendations


Update 12/3: City Council unanimously approved the Task Force’s recommendations, detailed below.

Update 11/26: Reaction To November 26 City Council Meeting

Tomorrow the City of Raleigh is taking a positive and generous step toward building a city that includes all of its citizens.

The City Council’s Law & Public Safety Committee will meet on November 26 at 3 p.m. to consider the Food Distribution Alternative Task Force’s recommendation to use a warehouse adjacent to Moore Square as a temporary solution to sharing food in Moore Square. If the committee approves the recommendation, the larger City Council will still have to approve the recommendation in order for it to go into effect. City staff have told us that the warehouse, which needs to be brought up to code, could be ready in the late spring.

Notes from the October 22 Task Force meeting, the last one before tomorrow’s committee meeting, detail the location of the warehouse, its layout, a funding plan, and what the city will provide to make the building usable for the purpose of sharing food. Click here to read these notes,¬†and the warehouse details start on page 17.

We appreciate the hard work of city staff and of the Task Force, a group we were honored to be a part of.

As with past meetings related to sharing food in Moore Square, attendance is important. If you can make it to the meeting tomorrow, we would really appreciate your time and support. If you can’t make it to tomorrow’s meeting, you can continue to contact the City Council and the Mayor to remind Raleigh’s leaders that the city has the potential to be welcoming to its vulnerable citizens, too.

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Hugh Hollowell

Author: Hugh Hollowell

Hugh is a Mennonite minister and the founding director of Love Wins. He likes peanut M&Ms.