Thank You For Being Open

As I wrote yesterday, there are days as a staff we leave the hospitality house feeling discouraged and powerless. Sigh.

Then there are days like today that kind of make up for it, despite most of the staff being snowed in – including myself.

The scene above is what Hugh came upon when he arrived at the building this morning after a two mile walk through snowy, slushy, and slippery downtown Raleigh. A few of our regular guys faced the same conditions on their way to wait for us, unsure if we would open at all. To pass the time, and to be a huge help, they shoveled the driveway we share with our neighbors.

Today our hospitality house guests are in a warm building with hot coffee and a lunch of canned soup and nabs. Most importantly, they are taking care of each other. Our friend Emo shared this on our Facebook wall:

Thank you Love Wins for being open on this cold day, I greatly appreciate it, because it gives me the chance to keep busy and able to help people on a cold day like today. If it gets as bad as this day you can count on me being here to help run the place. -EMO-

To echo the sentiments of our on-the-spot video below, thank you. Thank you for being open to witnessing our work. Thank you for being open to supporting our dreams. Thank you for being open to supporting to the dreams of our friends, and for cheering them on. Thank you for making today happen. Our work is impossible without you.

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Sara Acosta

Author: Sara Acosta

Sara is a fan of snark, sushi, and sunblock. Her purpose in the world is building community through communications.