What Bugs Me About You – Again

February has been a weird month for us. It feels like we’ve been mostly surviving enduring one crisis after another. A bad prognosis, scuffles in the computer room, someone’s housing falling through, or a child custody battle — you name it, and February brought it. This week has been par for the course as we push through, grasping desperately for the good days that remind us why we do what we do.

I originally wrote this blog post last summer, after a week that feels much like this one – except we were offering bottles of water instead of hand warmers. The first paragraph (or maybe it’s a stanza?) lists several interactions that we experience on a regular basis, that quite frankly, without any context or consideration otherwise, can be very frustrating. In the second paragraph I remind myself that nothing is black and white, that everyone is fighting a battle, and that this too shall pass.

Anyway, I like to read this post occasionally to push me forward to one of those good days. I figured it might be helpful for you at some point also.


What Bugs Me About You

It really bugs me that you talk to me for the sole purpose of seeing if there’s anything in my office you can take.

It really bugs me that you constantly interrupt my conversations with others, and that you also interrupt me when we’re talking.

It really bugs me that you think that everything is an emergency.

It really bugs me that you and so many others have to tell me a five minute story just to ask for a bus pass.

It really bugs me that you can’t wash the two dishes that you dirtied with food that someone else provided to you.

It really bugs me that the people at Love Wins might be the only ones who are nice to you today.

It really bugs me that your parents were terrible and in your forty years of life no one has taught you how to properly have a conversation.

It really bugs me that everything in your life actually is an emergency, because you are in a constant state of crisis and chaos.

It really bugs me that you are conditioned to justify and/or lie about why you need help from someone.

It really bugs me that the world has disempowered you from taking care of yourself and those around you.

And it really bugs me that I can’t fix all of your problems while you eat a peanut butter sandwich in my office.

But it would bug me more if I never saw you again.


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Sara Acosta

Author: Sara Acosta

Sara is a fan of snark, sushi, and sunblock. Her purpose in the world is building community through communications.