This Day in History #Biscuitgate


I just realized – #Biscuitgate occurred two years ago today. It made me think how far Raleigh has come as a city, and how hard we all have worked.

I am immensely grateful I get to do this work, and get to work with the amazing, caring people I have over the last two years. Together, we have helped Raleigh live up to its ideals and helped its policies match its principles.

But we aren’t done yet. The more than 70,000 meals served at The Oak City Outreach Center in the last year tell us there is much work left to be done.

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Joel Rieves

Author: Joel Rieves

Joel, volunteer extraordinaire and part-time social media specialist, is a huge nerd who loves coffee, good food and good science fiction (like there's such a thing as bad sci-fi).