Be A Love Wins Guest Blogger

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We know that lots of folks out there have experiences at the crossroads of faith and homelessness, or at the crossroads of relationships and homelessness.

Perhaps you have a friend who once experienced homelessness. Maybe you used to live in a shelter. Or maybe a relationship changed how you see homelessness. If your story sounds anything at all like that, whether or not it involves Love Wins, we want to hear it!

Love Wins is inviting you to submit a post as a guest blogger. Writing experience isn’t necessary – what’s important is that you have a story to share. If you’re looking for examples, you may want to scroll through our blog to get a feel for what we write about.

A few specifics:

  • The post must be 500 – 700 words, give or take.
  • Include a one-paragraph bio.
  • Make sure to include any necessary hyperlinks.
  • Your post is subject to editing.

To submit a post, email the file as an attachment to Michael Raburn. You can also email him with any questions.