The Love Wins Gift Catalog



We have chosen items that will be most helpful to our community members, from daily living items like a bus pass, to milestones like a wedding. We experience the little and big moments, and with your help, we can make more of them happen this year.

The Love Wins Gift Catalog functions like a typical site, just click “donate now,” the items will be added to you cart, and you can checkout.

All donations to Love Wins Ministries are tax-deductible.

Questions? Please email Michael Raburn.


I would like to contribute to:

Daily Living


Emergency Assistance


rxPrescription Help – $25

The sniffles are one thing, but when you need antibiotics or cholesterol medication, that’s an extra financial burden that someone may not be able to bear. Your contribution can fill a life saving prescription.



Work Boots – $30

Steel toe work boots are a day laborer’s best friend. After a long wait in a labor line before sunrise, our friends can rent a pair of boots for $25 off their day’s pay, or we can give them these boots to keep. Also, when you live life on your feet, a good pair of shoes can’t hurt.


busMonthly Bus Pass – $45

When driving or walking around Raleigh isn’t an option, public transportation is Plan A. The bus takes the majority of our friends to medical appointments, to the grocery store, and to our office. Would you like to help them get there?


Birthday Party – $50

Birthdays are an opportunity to remind someone that they are unique and that we care about that person. We like to buy enough cake and snacks for about 40 people. Everyone deserves a special birthday, and you can help make that happen for a member of our community.


sleepingbagSleeping Bag & Tent – $60

When living outside is your only option, a sleeping bag and tent are essential for protection from the elements. Sometimes camping gear is what keeps someone alive until more stable shelter becomes available, especially these days when the daily lows are below freezing.


inhalerInhaler – $75

If you or a loved one suffers from asthma or COPD, you know how difficult it is when you just can’t breathe. Our community members spend a good deal of time outside even on low air quality days. And inhalers are just expensive. You can help by covering the cost of one month easier breathing for one community member.


Wednesday Lunch – $150

We offer a community meal each Wednesday at our Community Engagement Center at 11:30am, followed by a community prayer service at noon. If you know about Biscuitgate, you know food is a big part of our story. We’d love to have you join us for lunch, it’s free to all who come, thanks to those who pick up the tab.




Interview Ready – $75

A hair cut and sharp outfit go a long way in a job interview… and a successful job interview can go a long way in financial recovery. We know some folks who could use a good shave and a pair of nice dress pants.


Baby Shower – $100

You may have heard that “a baby changes everything.” We certainly think so, and we like to celebrate the expecting women we know. You can share in the joy and excitement by sponsoring a baby shower, from favors to balloons.


Weddings and Major Events – $1,000

Thankfully we’ve done more weddings than funerals, but both are inevitable. Our friends fall in love and at some point will we coordinate a funeral. Supporting a wedding or other major event will help us to celebrate life– at the beginning and the end.



greyhound_bus_on_the_way_to_washington-1Emergency Bus Fare – $90

Sometimes you need to go home, to be with a sick loved one, or attend a funeral. Or you might have a good opportunity waiting, a job or a place at a treatment center. We help our friends pack enough peanut butter sandwiches for the trip and get to the bus station on time. You can help them get home.


Emergency Utilities Assistance – $250

The struggle against the crisis of homelessness doesn’t end with a key. There are the grocery bills, the gas money, maybe the child support, but always the utility bills– and sometimes they’re all just too much. Help us catch a struggling friend before they fall.


Transition 7 (1/7/365)Emergency Rental Assistance – $500

Who would you call if you couldn’t make your rent or mortgage payment? Sometimes we’re the only lifeline a person has. Emergency rental assistance can continue to break the cycle of homelessness.


We have three gift cards you can print out for those you are honoring with your gift. Click these links to download printable PDFs.

Christian themed Christmas card

Holiday themed card

Festivus themed card