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North Carolina Media

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Indy Week – Raleigh Approves Oak City Outreach Center Funding

The News & Observer – Raleigh approves site for Oak City Outreach Center

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Technician – Feeding homeless people should not be illegal

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WUNC The State of Things – The Plight Of The Impoverished In The Triangle

National & International Media

The Kansas City Star – Raleigh cops stop charities from feeding homeless

The Huffington Post (News) – North Carolina Church Claims Police Threatened Arrests For Feeding Homeless

The Huffington Post (Politics) – Feeding the Homeless Appears to Be Illegal in Raleigh, NC

The Christian Century – The opposite of homelessness

ABC News – Church Group Members Threatened With Arrest for Handing Out Biscuits, Coffee to the Homeless

Sojourners – Criminalizing Christ: The Nationwide Targeting of Homeless

Good Morning America – Church Group Members Threatened With Arrest for Handing Out Biscuits, Coffee to the Homeless

Opposing Views – Churchgoers Feed Homeless In Raleigh, N.C., Police Threaten To Bust Them For It

The Raw Story – North Carolina cops threaten to arrest charity groups for feeding the homeless

Think Progress – North Carolina Charity Threatened With Arrest For Feeding Homeless People


Associatd Baptist Press: What’s in a name?

The News Tribune – Raleigh cops stop charities from feeding homeless

Patheos – The Biscuit & Black Coffee OutlawRaleigh Police Stop Local Humanists From Distributing Food to HomelessWhen Charity is illegal

Red Letter Christians – Feeding Homeless Apparently Illegal in Raleigh, NC

Relevant Magazine – Police Crackdown on Church Group for Feeding the Homeless

NY Daily News – Church group threatened with jail for giving food to homeless in North Carolina

TIME – Raleigh Police Threaten to Arrest Church Volunteers for Feeding Homeless

RT – North Carolina police threaten to arrest church charity for feeding the homeless

World Magazine – Raleigh police block biscuits for the homeless

HNGN – Church Group Prevented From Feeding Homeless By Police in Raleigh, N.C.

Wealth Daily – Feed the Homeless, Go to Jail! North Carolina Bans Feeding the Homeless

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CBN News – Ministry Banned from Handing Out Food to Homeless

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The God Article – Criminalizing Christ: The Love Wins Incident and the Nationwide Targeting of Homeless

Central Florida Future – Raleigh reaction to homeless help shows lack of sympathy

Charleston City Paper – Columbia isn’t the only town to criminalize homelessness